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Established in 2008, WatchMeGoPro™ is a Youth Athletics / Sports team management web application that connects athletes, staff and fans.  WatchMeGoPro’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model simplifies workflow by letting users interact in a private, secure environment.  The solution is designed to eliminate paper-based workflow at both the Organization and individual Team levels.  WatchMeGoPro™ is not an athletic recruiting site.

Powered by the powerful DNN Platform, WatchMeGoPro™ is delivered using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Want to know more?  Please contact us to discuss how WatchMeGoPro™ team management websites can streamline your Sports organization!

Version 2.5 Highlights:

- Configuration/Setup Wizard enhancements
- Optional team page level Twitter feed widget
- Team page level user permissions
- Simplified Staff roster configuration
- Team page level locations (shared with the WatchMeGoPro community)
- General Bug Fixes

Sample Team Page